The Dutch-Swiss Singer-Songwriter, Max Berend,  tells intimate stories with his unmistakable cinematic songwriting. He reflects his world in a pure and delicate way. Warm guitar sounds, a melodious piano, a raw sandy voice and honest pictorial lines are the ingredients of his indie folk-pop music. The easy-to-listen harmonies and accessible melodies are an invitation to enjoy his music as such. If you listen carefully to his songs, you discover a man sharing his inside world. Sometimes he shares it in a soft and easy manner, sometimes rough and brutally direct. But always in a stirring way to feel comfortable with. Like a breeze at his beloved North Sea.

Max Berend tours solo, in duo or band formation.
He was born and raised in Davos, Switzerland, by his Dutch parents. He now lives with his partner and dog in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Max Berend & Band


Lead Vocal & Guitar| Max Berend de Boer
Keys, Synth, Organ, Vocals| Bettina Hummler
Vocals & Percussion | Sara di Caro
E-Guitar & Vocals | Nina Valotti
Bass & Vocals | Alan Tucci
Drums | Andri Hürlemann
Mix & Sound | Micha Surber
Photography | Maximilian Lederer
Management, Promo & Media | Jennifer Baccouche, Mixtu Music
Booking| Andri Hürlemann, Creatief Werk

Contact Management
MIXTU MUSIC | Jennifer Bacouche
M: jennifer@mixtu-music.com
T: +41 79 916 52 84

Contact Booking
CREATIEF WERK GmbH | Andri Hürlemann
M: booking@maxberendmusic.com
T: +41 76 519 01 37

2023 Max Berend exclusively distributed by Revanche Records
© 2023 Max Berend exclusively distributed by Revanche Records