«All people want to be seen and heard»,
says Max Berend. This is the leitmotif for his new EP «She, the Sea» (Release: March 31, 2023). An EP that mirrors his most intimate pain, offering a room for feelings that rarely receive space within society. He reflected that society frequently conditions us to strive in life for what we consider to be "normal" based on metrics no single individual truly understands.  This tends to foster a culture where we confuse fitting-in for belonging, prompting us to raise internal emotional barriers towards each other that perpetuate a social climate where we all hide parts of ourselves.

He documented his discoveries in five songs, which he took to his country of origin, the Netherlands, where he found two producers to help him translate his realizations musically, and develop the sound he first developed in his debut-album «Red Little Paper Kite».
Together, this team created five evocative, contrasting but still light indie folk-pop songs. His music captures his inner world with warm guitar sounds, dreamy synths, a cold melodious piano, a raw sandy voice and honest illustrative lyrics drawn from his life.

Sometimes he shares his inner world in a soft and easy manner, sometimes rough and brutally direct. But always in a stirring way audiences can relate too, creating a world, which can also serve as a mirror where the listeners can find their own reflections. He aims to inspire by taking a hard look at himself, and opening up musically and personally – in the hopes that one day accessibility and inclusion can become a normality.

In solo, duo, trio, in band formation or with the Tabula Musica Orchestra, with Max Berend you receive an artist that adapts to the local conditions. As a storyteller and busker, he aims to touch and entertain his audience with his musical stories, whether he sings for one person or a large crowd. His performance is meant to make the listener feel like he is talking from the bottom of his heart, directly to you.