Max Berend


Max Berend de Boer is a Dutch-Swiss singer-songwriter and storyteller, based in St. Gallen, Switzerland. He took his first and second forename as his artistic alias, so he could always tell his musical stories with authenticity and from the bottom of his heart. With this debut album he wants to invite his listeners onto a journey to his story and eventually their own stories. 
With ‘Red Little Paper Kite’,Max Berend shares his stories with his pop infused indie folk music, which feels like a walk at the North Sea: Warm, a little rough and honest.

In solo, duo, trio or in band formation, with Max Berend you receive an artist that adapts to the local conditions. As a storyteller and busker, he aims to touch and entertain his audience with his musical stories, whether it is one person or a crowd in front of him. His performance feels like he is talking from the bottom of his heart directly with you.

He says: We all have our own unique stories. However, we tend to lose the connection to our stories, because we do not look closer at them. As a result, we keep searching for our own identity and the deeper personal meaning of life. At least in my experience.This debut album goes out to everybody who has a story to tell and maybe does not know how to tell it. To everyone who sometimes loses faith and gets lost along the way. To all the dreamers and hopeful wanderers who love to live, even if it means a little chaos from time to time.
My story starts with a red little paper kite. With these songs I invite you to a place, where the wind keeps a red little paper kite in the air. Mine and hopefully also yours."

His new EP “She, the Sea” is coming up in February 2023.